Monthly Muscle Car Show Judging Criteria

Two Different Judges uses the Point System each on the Cars

Average Between the Two Judges, WIN

1st Place Trophies and 2nd Place Trophies awarded in 20 classes:

Exterior and Paint: MAX SCORE 10 points Overall quality and finish of body and paint; extent of body modifications, additions, details, level of owner customization, quality of fit and finish; body panel alignment, door alignment, hood and trunk/hatch, glass areas, good or excellent condition, window tint, body free of dents Or dings, Paint quality, lustrous finish, no scratches, marks, or chips. Paint match between panels, over-spray from re-finish, ripples or Waviness, imperfect body work, special custom paint color, decals, any particular vehicle unique features.

Interior and ICE: MAX SCORE 10 points Overall quality and finish of interior components; seats clean and in good condition, seatbelts, carpeting, dash and instrumentation, level of owner customization, details, uniqueness. Special modification or additions in interior such as gauges, lighting, trim, floor mats, paint, and safety items, if any. No unpleasant odors, musty, mildew, or wear and tear. ICE: (audio or video); extra bonus points for sound system upgrades or additions, unique owner customization, integration, installation, neatness, wiring, lighting (if any).

Overall Cleanliness: MAX SCORE 10 points Complete overall vehicle cleanliness and detail. Attention to detail in all areas of the vehicle. Under the hood, around engine, wheel wells, rims and tires. Body panel seams, grilles, lower edges of body, door edges and hinge area. No build up of wax or polish in seams, etc. Glass clean and streak free. Carpeting and mats vacuumed. Seats clean and free of stains. Dash and instruments dust free. Trunk area vacuumed or free of debris and/or personal items. Wheels and tires clean and dust free. Suspension components, visible underbody etc free of dirt and grime.

Engine Bay and Performance: Max SCORE 10 points Overall quality and detail engine components, drivetrain components; level of owner customization and uniqueness, quality of work, integration, stock and aftermarket parts and/or accessories installed properly and neatly, fitment. Special modifications such as turbos, intercoolers, superchargers, boost controllers, nitrous oxide, carburetors, wiring, painted surfaces, air intake systems, exhaust systems, etc. No fluid leaks or residue.